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In Which a New Doodle Feels Like an Old Friend


Katie Roth Wools IllustrationThis is a new style I am experimenting with. This doodle unexpectedly sprung to life in less than an hour. I really enjoyed the process of creating him. I am thinking of evolving my look to be more like this. But I am a bit stumped on how to handle background. My usual style is tighter and busier. But this style feels like less is more. I was think a simple line drawing for the background with maybe some light washes. But I thought I would get others opinions including about the style itself. p.s. sorry for the poor scan. It is the only one on my computer.


Whoo hoo! I’m in! (to the blog that is)


Yay!  I’m finally here!  Thanks to the Kate’s for all their help.  I can’t wait to dig into all the stuff I’ve missed so far.

Here’s one of my illustrations I intend to use in my first PB. Writer and Illustrator.  I’m struggling with the copy!  Heh, I’m used to 400 page fantasy novels.

I would love to hear any comments!  See you guys later.


Perry with the Frogs

Cover and a few illustrations from the dummy I’m including for NYC


Hey all,

So the last two weeks have been insane as I’ve been prepping for the Winter Conference.  I’ve put together a board book dummy that i just wrapped up other than a few copy changes.  I took some risks such as including the helmet on the kid even though the helmet has nothing to do with the story.  (although that is addressed in the dedication).  I’ll own those risks and hope for the best.  Anyways I just wanted to share some of the illustrations!





Illustration Update…


I finished the digital illustration I’ve been working on. It LITERALLY took all night and I still have to go to the printer to drop off my files in a couple hours, so I’m going to go catch a few Zs before my son Collin wakes up. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who are curious about the story, it is a spread for a manuscript I wrote. It’s posted here on the manuscript crit page if you are interested in reading it.

Christmas Card


Here is the Christmas card I did for my family this year.  It’s the only new thing I’ve done in a while, and will do for a while until I graduate from Grad. School in May.  I’d love your thoughts on it.  It’s mostly watercolor, with some gouche highlights.  Would this be a portfolio piece in the future, or is it better to stay away from cards and such?