Okay, here’s the right panel from the same set.   It has the same issues (no people, a lot going on), but I think it helps complete the feel of the left panel.

Also below are a couple examples of vehicles with people in them as a response to a challenge from Kate, who knows me well enough to know that a lot of my past vehicles haven’t shown the driver/pilot. Those planes are from a massive piece that included 8 different aircraft, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try some with pilots and some without to see how they compare.   I think they help!

Apologies for posting so many pics.  I’ve got to lay off and get back to work on my portfolio!

Right Panel

This is the right panel done for twins' bedroom


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  1. Second panel on twin’s room piece:

    I think the other one was far stronger. There isn’t nearly the sense of movement in this one as there is in the other. I’m getting the impression more of a traffic jam than a race. Perhaps if it were more of a sweeping curve than a zig-zag on the road, that would help? The helicopter looks like it’s in hover mode rather than racing. Sorry.

    I like the slightly tilted bridge and the lights on the dark hill behind the lake. I don’t know why, but I really like the grass or cattails or whatever those plants are on the far side of the road.

    The two airplane pictures:

    I don’t know much about what different airplanes are supposed to look like, so I’m not sure how accurate these are. However, aren’t these propeller planes rather than jets? If so, why don’t I see the blurred ellipse of the moving propeller?

    The pilot and gunner are fun characters and I like the way you did the shine on both planes’ bodies.

    All of them are fun images.

    • Thanks for the input, Karen. The reason behind the lack of propellors is because these illustrations were made into vinyl wall stickers cut to the shape of the plane. When applied as stickers, a stationary propellor appeared to freeze the movement of the planes. I considered making blurred props, but that would mean the blur would have to fade into the material color (white) and that appeared jarring on any wall that wasn’t also white….so I pretended the props were just moving really fast and got rid of them. Good catch! In hindsight perhaps I should’ve ran with jets for that particular project.


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