Left panel from a painting for a pair of twins’ bedroom.


Okay, hopefully I’m doing this correctly.  This is the left panel of a two panel set done for twin boys bedroom set.  I wanted to keep it loose, so I moved quick and finished the bulk of it in one night.  It’s done in acrylic on paneling.

Left Panel

This is the left of two panels done for the bedroom of twin boys.


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  1. Hi John!
    I, too, love the dynamic quality of these pieces and the brushstrokes!
    The perspective makes it so engaging…. I can hear and feel the cars pass by.
    Had Kate not already issued you a challenge, that’s what I would do here…. so I will look for that in your future artwork. 🙂
    All in all, great job!

  2. I love those cars, John! Love the shapes. Love the painterly brush strokes.

    The composition is also nice. It’s appealing to me that the autos, train and jets are all on the same path, zooming by. They will be gone –out of the frame in two blinks.

    I really have only one suggestion… I think the blue jet should be larger, or the purple jet smaller. Perhaps the blue jet could be large (and close) enough that it breaks the top boundary. We see only it’s belly and wings? Perhaps a third jet, very small between the two existing crafts?

    This is really dynamic!

  3. I love your painterly cars. I struggle to draw them well so I am envious of your ability to not only capture them well but to give them such a strong dramatic angle. I like having the two fighter planes. It reminds me of the Blue Angels. The challenge I would have for you is to see all vehicles from the same time period. The train and the car look like they are from the 40’s and I LOVE that. I would love to see your interpretation of a blimp. I think your style would lend itself well to a steam punk compostion.

    • Thanks Katie! You know I’d love to play with some steam punk illustrations sometime. I like the anachronistic inventiveness of them. That style intrigues me.

  4. As always, I love your brushwork. I would have been tempted to simplify the composition; five vehicles seems like a lot. You made your visual and emotional point, for me, with the big red car.


    Because I can.

    John does awesome-sauce vehicles and dynamic scenes. But…I want to see a simple portrait of a human character within the scene. Who’s driving?

    • Thanks Kate! I accept your challenge…but it will have to be with a different painting as these are already gone. I agree with what you say, but I’ll explain my thinking; For kid’s room paintings I try to make them busy so there’s a lot to look at. (in fact, another good challenge for me might be “Do something minimal”!) As to the lack of people, my initial thought was to let the vehicles themselves have all the personality – although now that I write that it sounds like a cop out! Recently I painted a series of WWII era war planes, and I came up against this decision again (add people or not), so I did some of the planes with characters and some without and I gotta say the people help. I’ll post a couple examples of those too.

      Along these lines – that’s what I’m working on for my NY portfolio – People. And not just black-dot-eye people.

  5. I love the lines of movement. Definitely an exciting, action piece. I like the sweeping line of the train going off into the distance and the cityscape is nice. I like the yellow sky with those feathery clouds.

    The jets could, maybe, use some comtrails coming off them to both show where they were coming from (more sweeping lines) and to show that they’re going really fast.

    There’s also something weird with the planes. Either one looks great by itself. But both in the same sky, supposedly going in the same direction doesn’t quite look right. The far one looks like it needs to be either drawn with it’s nose down more or higher on the painting to make it’s perspective look right compared to the near one.

    Overall, VERY nice painting. I bet those twins are thrilled to have THAT going up in their room. 🙂

    • Thanks Karen! Good info. I definitely agree that contrails would’ve been good at enhancing the motion of the planes. Right now its mainly the lines and association with the other vehicles that imply motion, but nice swooping contrails would add a nice element. Thanks for the input!


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