Library Poster


This poster was a fun exercise in character development for a great cause. Although the texture will not show up on the blog (computer screen), I embedded a linen texture over the entire poster using computer special effects to give the poster the look of a book binding texture often seen on hardbound books.The final poster was 18 inches by 24 inches. The characters are 2 of my pet birds. One is an African Gray parrot and the other is a parakeet and they have inspired many, many stories in our family!

This is my experimental artwork upload on this blog to see if it works :0) – just a test and only a test :0).



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  1. I love that one can imagine either of the birds explaining the book to the other. It’s a great design and communicates what it needs to very well! Like Katie, the red tail intrigues me and makes me want to see the rest of the bird, just on a curiosity level. Good stuff.

  2. Very nice. I like so much about this one.

    The shelves behind look a little weird to me because you’re using single lines to draw the shelves. I think it would look better to use double lines to give the shelf boards some thickness.

    I agree with Katie that the grey bird kind of fades into the background a bit and would be better if it were more colorful. I know, your bird really is grey, but this one needs to pop more. If it were green, that might work well, while still keeping that cool color scheme going.

    Overall, a wonderful image. Fun, attractive, well-balanced, and it communicates the message effectively.

  3. Peg, I love the use of analogous colors. And the calming nature of your cool color pallet. It reminds me of the quiet, cold atmosphere of the library. I love the subtle title of the book that the birds are reading. It made me laugh because missed it and then it popped out at me.

    One thing that excited me is the red tail of the larger bird. I like that bit of color and realized that I would like to see the entire bird in that color (which I know directly contradicts my earlier compliment of analogous colors) I see that the smaller bird and the book are bright colors and really pop against the background. I think making the larger bird bright as well would really bring the them to the foreground.

    Overall, I think it is a lovely poster and I love the expression on that small bird! He is hilarious!


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