Revised Image: Thanks to your suggestions


Okay, I took your suggestions and modified my image a bit.  What do you think of this version?




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  1. Hi Karen…
    I am finally getting up to speed on all the posting and artwork….
    I really like the changes you’ve applied to this piece. They’ve definitely helped make everything easier to read.
    This is probably really picky, but Bo Peep’s hand covering her eyes looks a little off….
    like maybe her hand should have a slightly different perspective. (not straight on)
    All in all, good changes!

  2. Hi Karen! I’m just now getting up to speed with this blog.I think your changes really helped! The new version is great!

  3. Are you using Photoshop? If you are, try dialing down the opacity on the layer where your blue wooly texture is on the sheep. If it is a little bit more subtle, then Little Bo Peep will stand out more. I’m focusing more on the texture of the sheep right now. I don’t think you need too much blue texture, maybe just a tad bit for definition….
    Those sheep are so fun and silly and expressive! One can’t help but know what they are up too!!!! HAAAhaaa! :0)

    Also, try making the left foot of the giggling sheep black like the slipper foot on the right. This will help separate it from the other two sheep and pull it forward.

    Very sweet and expressive illustration!

    • I created this using Autodesk SketchPad Pro, which does work with layers. When I went back to revise it, though, I saved it as a Photoshop file so I could use some of the features Photoshop has, but that SketchPad doesn’t. Then I moved it back to Sketchpad for some touch up so that I could use the exact same brushes as I did the first time and be sure the changes would fit with the original. The blue shadows of the sheep are on a separate layer in both versions, so I can easily fiddle with the transparency. I’ll take a look at it before I format it for my post card and send it out. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate receiving critiques on my work and everyone’s suggestions have been helpful. 🙂

        • I appreciate everyone’s feedback too! And I’m extremely inspired by everyone’s work as well!!! WOW! We have a great critique group and a great opportunity to learn new things! This critique group will be an invaluable resource for me . I’m always amazed at the things I miss seeing on my own work, and then don’t discover it until years later and by then it’s too late to fix.:0(

          When I work in Photoshop, I work in layers so I can go back and edit. Then I’ll save the layered file.
          When I’m ready to go to press, I’ll save the layered file again but under a different name (example: Sheep1layers.psd, becomes Sheep2print.psd). Having 2 files now, I’ll flatten the Sheep2print.psd image so it can be printed. Then, I’ll archive the layered file for my own backup. Ordinarily the printed image should be saved as a tiff, it just depends on the printing company. By the way, is a great place to get postcards printed. They are located in California, but their prices can’t be beat! Quality is very nice!! And you can upload your art via their FTP server so you don’t have to ship them a disk. It’s easy. GSKC also does a great job on postcards but the prices are a bit higher. Hope this helps!

          • I’ve been using VistaPrint for my postcards and have been happy with them. One tip with them, though. Don’t use the recycled paper cards. Nice idea, but they’re matte and so don’t come out as vibrant as the slick kind.


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