Lynn Alpert's Chicken Licken


Hi! I’m Lynn Alpert from St. Louis, MO and I just am getting set up on this blog. This is a great idea for those who set it up.

I’m posting my illustration I submitted to the Tomie dePaola award contest. I’m thinking of using this as my next postcard mailing – let me know it anyone sees anything I can improve upon. Has anyone else entered the competiiton? The winner should be announced tomorrow. They said there were about 300 entries – wow!

p.s. If you’re curious to see some of the entries, a fellow illustrator, Diandra Mae has set up this blog. Get ready to get your mind blown with all the awesomeness!!


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  1. Thanks for the comments! I really wanted my characters to stand out from the background – not blend in with it – that’s why I choose a more subdued color for the background. Maybe I need to experiment more with that technique.

    Katie – I created my characters in Adobe Illustrator and painted it in Photoshop, incorporating scanned textures.

  2. Beautiful piece Lynn! This contest was definately a challenge. Despite my own attempt to introduce color, my illustration also ended up a bit “brown” too… something which was difficult to avoid with all those birds!

    I agree that the background is a bit understated… as fun as the characters are you want them to be cruising in a more intersting environment. However, the composition and expression you were able to capture makes up for it a bit I think. I know the judging will be so subjective (300 entries… wow!) but I think you have a winning piece here either way.

  3. I didn’t even enter the Tomie Depaola contest and I am dying to hear the winners. Lynn, I love your piece. It reminds me of the old gouache illustrated Golden Books. It is full of whimsy and fun! What technique did you use? I would love to hear your process!

  4. Hi Lynn!
    So glad you can join the group!
    Your piece is very striking, and the characters are really fun.
    I would agree with Karen that even though the background is beautiful, it feels like a separate illustration from the characters.
    Let us know the outcome…best of luck to you!!!

  5. Those are some great characters. Colorful and expressive.

    The one critique I have is that the background isn’t colorful and you can’t really tell where they’re supposed to be. Did the story dictate this background? If not, I’d want to see something more colorful and interesting to match the characters better.

    However, like I said, the characters are wonderful. Attractive, silly, and whimsical.

    Good luck on your competition.

  6. Best of luck tomorrow in the Tomie dePaola award contest! I had the pleasure to attend one of his workshops quite a few years ago. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life! We all loved him!!! After a week of workshop and assignments and critiques, it was sad to say goodbye and no one wanted to see him go. He was humorous, animated, full of stories and very gregarious. Just like his work, he is a warm and endearing person, and full of life. I hope you win so you can have an opportunity to meet him!

    After our workshop was over, he sent each of us a poster and addressed all of the posters with our first names! It was an unforgettable experience. Best of luck to you!!!!!! Great job!



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