Illustration Friday: Grounded


So, there was a discussion about posting our Illustration Friday entries here?  Are we doing that?  Here’s mine for this week.


2 responses »

  1. One thing I like about this piece is that you can really feel the girl’s frustration and anger. It looks like she just pushed her left foot against the covers in kind of a horizontal stomp. Really makes me wonder what she’s done to get herself grounded! Good work on the body language.

    I would agree with pushing the light and shadow a bit more.

  2. I like her expression and the use of color on this piece. I think this one could be fun to push toward a portfolio piece even. I like the contrast of the cool tones inside vs. the warm tones inside… and you could have fun playing with light and shadow a bit more. It might be nice to introduce some texture and pattern as well… maybe woodgrain for the bed, wallpaper patterns, quilt designs, etc.


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