Baby Lala Commission


Okay, I don’t think I’m doing an Illustration Friday this week.  But I did complete a commission and sent it out today, so I’ll share that.

It was actually quite a compliment.  A guy in Sunnyvale, CA said his family liked my diaper book so much that he wanted to commission me to do a little cartoon drawing of his daughter, who they call Lala, in the same style as the book.

The pose he wanted was sort of a memory of the first time Lala climbed out of her crib.  She came down the stairs waving and smiling at them, saying “Lala climb-ed!”  Anyway, practical details:  I had to match the girl’s hair and eye color, give her the same hairstyle, put her in a pink shirt and diaper, give her a white bunny (which I made in the same style as the bear in my book), and have her waving at the bottom of the stairs.

I ended up using Harvest Graphics as my printer (thank you all for your suggestions of who to use).  They were very nice, even though a one-off is pretty much beneath them.  They did it primarily, I think, in the hopes that I’ll have a larger project some day and will think of them for it.


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  1. As John said the subtleties are great…nice body language.
    Karen do you work in traditional mediums as well as computer?
    Do you have a website? (You probably have it posted and I overlooked…..)

    • Yes, I do work in traditional media as well as digital. Usually watercolors or colored pencil, both with ink outlines..However, I’m finding that I enjoy working in digital form more and more. It is so much easier to correct mistakes and adjust colors when I work digitally. I find I’m usually able to complete projects faster on the computer than on paper.

      This particular work was hand-inked and then colored digitally. So, it’s kind of half-and-half. I sent the client both the original ink drawing and the final print.

      I do have a website: If you have a chance, I’d love to hear what you think of my portfolio.

    • I read a tip about drawing hands one time that I try to use. If you’re drawing an open, relaxed hand, like the one that’s waving here, you should try to group the fingers. Usually you don’t want to put them all evenly spread or held all together. It’s boring that way. So, in this case, I pulled back the ring finger and had the pinkie held out a bit.


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