Just saying hello! … and what I’ve been working on.


Here is an illustration for a book I just finished.

Riley's Special Heart Machine


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  1. Cool, Julie! I’d love to know when the book comes out–I had a student who was on a ‘heart machine’. Sadly, he passed away, but I’m sure that they know lots of kiddos/families/places where this book could be helpful (or at least it sounds that way from the title). Neat to be doing work for a book like that!

  2. Thanks for the comment Karen. The book is called Riley’s Special Heart Machine written by Lori Jones. Published by Guardian Angel. It’s not out yet.

  3. Nice, friendly colors. I like the girl’s expression.

    The one thing that bothers me about it is that the pose is awkward. Now, I know that there’s no requirement to make your art realistic, but I think this image would look better if the doctor was on the far side of the table so that he could be both facing the child and the audience. As it is, he’s reaching behind himself and not really looking at her. Moving him behind the examining table would solve that problem.

    What is the book called?


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