Illustration Update…


I finished the digital illustration I’ve been working on. It LITERALLY took all night and I still have to go to the printer to drop off my files in a couple hours, so I’m going to go catch a few Zs before my son Collin wakes up. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts. Enjoy!

P.S. For those who are curious about the story, it is a spread for a manuscript I wrote. It’s posted here on the manuscript crit page if you are interested in reading it.


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  1. Andi, I love this. It’s got great atmosphere and has a comforting feel to it, just like how the Gods comfort Mika in your story. Well done. The only suggestion I would make if I had to make one would be to make the lamp windows and perhaps their glow a bit brighter. Great piece and fits your manuscript very well!


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