My Latest Postcards


I just ordered my next batch of postcards. I thought I’d share, particularly for Stephanie who posted her first postcard design the other day.  By no means is this what a promo postcard has to look like, it’s just what mine looks like this time.


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  1. Thanks, Karen! I see what you mean about it being more of a ‘portfolio’ piece and not an advertisement. I’m going to redesign mine this week–its on my list of things to do since I’m not headed to NYC! 🙂

    And, Jon, I’ve been learning about the color files too. It’s amazing how much different things look on the web when saved in that mode.

  2. Looks good, Karen! I notice the colors look more intense here than in the previous version. Is that a change you made or did you post the print ready file (CMYK). I just ask because I’ve noticed when I’ve posted CMYK mode files to the web it bumps up the intensity like this.

    • Shoot. You’re absolutely right. I just checked and that postcard template is using CMYK mode. I didn’t even notice because in my Photoshop the colors are displaying exactly the same as the RGB mode. But here on the blog they do look brighter. Hmmm…

      Here. Gimme a minute. I’m going to save that sample in RGB mode and replace the image in this post.


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