In Which a New Doodle Feels Like an Old Friend


Katie Roth Wools IllustrationThis is a new style I am experimenting with. This doodle unexpectedly sprung to life in less than an hour. I really enjoyed the process of creating him. I am thinking of evolving my look to be more like this. But I am a bit stumped on how to handle background. My usual style is tighter and busier. But this style feels like less is more. I was think a simple line drawing for the background with maybe some light washes. But I thought I would get others opinions including about the style itself. p.s. sorry for the poor scan. It is the only one on my computer.


About katiewools

I'm Katie Roth Wools and I live to create. I have always felt that a day was incomplete unless I have created something. I am illustrator and marketing professional with a background that includes illustration, graphic design and sculpture as well as marketing and communications. I also have a passion for crafting of all sorts (did I mention that I am driven by creating things?) With a traditional fine arts education and experience in the marketing/communications field, I have been fortunate to continue my creative outlets while developing a firm understanding of timelines, budgets, branding and promotion. I have received awards for my graphic design work and fine art pieces. I am also a published children's book illustrator. I am currently Missouri Illustrator Coordinator for the Society of Children's book writers and Illustrators.

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  1. ‘Lovely’ was a good descriptor. Def keep background less richly saturated. Looks like a character I want to see animated. ‘classic app’.

  2. Oh, as for your question about background, I see dishes on a wall or rack, or a spare formal interior in golds and olives or burn umber– like you said. He is so singular he needs little background.

  3. I love this, Katie! I want him to tell me a story… I would agree with Eileen on how to approach the background. The sketching and washes would be light and suggestive, but not too dark or overpowering. I’m enjoying seeing the paper come through so I wouldn’t want the background to lose that quality necessarily. Yeah for quick doodles that come to life like old friends!

  4. I agree Katie, I simply love this! Sometimes our best stuff comes from the unexpected sketch. It’s loose and free and uninhibited–as if you weren’t trying for a lot, just having fun. And it exudes fun and personality. We see nothing but this bunny gent, and yet we instantly know he’s fun, warm, witty, and wise. Now, for background. Try to think of where this guy might be. Where does he live? What time frame (a meadow with a British, early twentieth century feel? Too Beatrix Potter? Maybe he’s a NY bunny, living in a park? an overgrown parking lot?) And you don’t have to include all of that in a sketch, but it always helps me to have an idea of setting when thinking about a style or character and what medium/technique I might use.) Then have a glass of wine, or two, and just start sketching. If you want to break out of an old style, maybe start with tools that you aren’t as inclined to get tight with. Perhaps a quick pencil sketch and then immediately go in with watercolor washes to do most of the work. That’s my two cents, but let me know what works for you in the end. Excited to see more!

  5. Here’s a challenge. Give this old guy a family. Draw several other bunnies in this style, male and female, old and young. It will help you figure out how this style works for you. Maybe put them all around a picnic blanket having lunch or something for the scene. That way you can experiment with how much detail to put in the background. šŸ™‚


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