Illustration Friday: Suspense



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  1. Oh, I knew I was missing something, but I wanted to begin to post and I don’t have any work scanned in yet. Sorry about that. I’ll look into the first friday thing. Prompts are probably exactly what I need. I seem to have lots of ideas for stories and not very many ideas for illustrations yet. I can’t wait to get started. Feel free to dig right back at me right way. Thanks.

  2. I liked this. I’m new to this blog and have missed what sort of critique we are posting. But if you are looking for one, I’d say these facial expressions are there. Just altering the composition slightly might increase the effect. For example it’s split in half with the girl on the right with just a bit less room. If the girl on the left were crouching, or if the the work were cropped so that she were lower and more to the left, we’d have more room to really enjoy the angry look of the girl on the right as she enters the scene. That might also bring the girl on the left forward a bit closer to the viewer. Her face could then be more easily explored with more detail and would be in effect larger, that would make her fear more central and not competeing equally with the girl on the right. Hmm that was a mouthful. I really do like these scene and it makes me ask all kind of questions. First, what did that cute little girl do to get the red head mad at her? Looking for clues, there aren’t any except for that they are probably at school, because of the brick wall. So I may be clueless, but I’ll surf around here and see what else is going on, looks like you are posting every Friday. Way to go! I’d like to post every monday and I’m working up to it.

    • Thank you for the review.

      Yes. This is just the sort of information we want. This blog isn’t for fishing for compliments. We acknowledge that, although compliments are nice, criticism (constructive criticism, anyway) is far more valuable. So, if my stuff sucks, tell me it sucks. Just be sure to tell me why it sucks and suggest what might be done to make it better. No flaming, of course.

      As for what’s going on in this piece, your guess is as good as mine. I did intend it to be at school, so you’re dead-on with that. But why the red-head is angry, I don’t know. I suspect that the red-head’s about to beat the crap out of the black-haired girl. If she finds her anyway. So, my sympathy is with the black-haired girl at the moment. The red-head might be a bully, or she might have good reason to be pissed.

      The reason there aren’t really any more clues to what’s going on is that it’s illustrating the concept Suspense, not an actual story. So, the emotions of the situation were more important than the details of why this was actually happening.

      Are you familiar with Illustration Friday? It’s a big illustrator’s prompt site. Every week they put up a concept and anyone who wants to is supposed to illustrate it. Then they can put a link on the IF site to their blog or wherever it was that they posted their entry. Here’s the link: Since it’s a weekly thing, lots of times my work for it isn’t as polished as a portfolio piece. But sometimes an IF piece is the starting point for something that does turn into a portfolio piece, like the Little Bo Peep one you’ll find lower down in this blog.


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