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Wow, I feel like I’m the only one posting in here.  Come on, aren’t the rest of you doing stuff?  Come on in and share.  I know I love to see all your work.  You’re all so talented.  Plus, if nobody posts, this site’s going to die off and be forgotten.  Which would be so sad.


Here’s my Illustration Friday entry for intention:

And here are two related images, both titled Jump IN!:

And, since it’s so spring-like lately, here’s a Flower Painting:


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  1. Hey guys…I feel like I’ve been off the grid since NY! Probably because I have been! Been very busy. I have made some new stuff and I’ll try to post some on here soon. The skin tones look great on the “Jump In” illustrations, Karen!

      • I tried to post as well and it kept telling me: Sorry, you can’t post.
        Do I need to be re-invited to the group?

        • Hmm… You’ve posted successfully before, haven’t you? So, this is something new? Was it erroring out after you enter all your info and try to publish or was it not even taking you to the page where you put in your post? What exactly is the error message?

          • HI Karen… it won’t let me upload a photo and I have no “icon” photo on the blog home page.
            Hmmmmmmm… I’ll try again.

            • I guess I’m not listed as a “contributer”…do you know how I become listed?

            • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I’m preparing for an out-of-town trip for a funeral, so I’ve had other things taking my attention.

              You do have to be a member/contributor/whatever name it’s called in order to post here. Anyone can comment, but only members can post. To become a member, you need to contact Kate Barsotti. Go to the about us page ( ) and click on Kate Barsotti or one of the other illustrator coordinators. That’ll bring up an email screen. Just send a request to join in that.

              I look forward to seeing what you post when I get back from my trip! 🙂


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