Dummy book Contest


Hey, why don’t we just pick something and do it for ourselves?  Set a date, a project and then if and when we get a prof critter, we’ll have something to show and if not we can share among ourselves.

How about a Dummy book using Clapping games like Miss Mary Mack? or Ooh-lay, Ooh-lay? or Tiny Tim?

And shoot for the end of June?


Kim Wilson


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  1. So did you pick something, and are you working on the dummy? I’d be interested in seeing a dummy of any of those rhymes- I don’t know them! I first heard Mary has a red dress’ from the pic book of the same name- still don’t know the tune to the original song!

    • Oh really! A book already. I even looked to see if there was one – of course I didn’t look for a lady dressed in red… I have begun sketching but got stopped by work. In any case, I need a dummy for my portfolio. I think I still will do *”Ms Mary Mac-Mac-Mac all dressed in black-black-black with silver buttons-buttons-buttons all down her back-back-back”*. So descriptive and it has elephants, babies, bathtubs, and even cows jumping over the moon! What more could you possibly want for great subject matter?

      Why don’t you pick a clapping song that speaks to you and we’ll get on it?


      Kim Wilson


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