For discussion: imageing cartoon vs. realistic stylaization for kids?


I have a question. I went to school and have bee a practicing graphic, theatrical and environmental designer for over 25 years. My question is about style. As a designer in the fields I have been working in – we work to not have a style.  If I could identify a style that I follow – it is fairly realistic in rendering.  My question is: is there a preference for the cartoon type styling in children’s imaging due to a “thou shalt draw stylized characters” or is it a work-flow thing.  (stylization is easier if the shapes are simplified – the illustrator may work faster)

I ask this because I am building my portfolio and I can populate the pages any number of ways. I have heard people say – draw what you like – gravitate towards what you always gravitate towards.  I gravitate towards a more realistic style – should I strive for something else?  If you want – check out a couple of my images on my fledgling website at:




Kim Wilson


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  1. No! explore where you want, but don’t try to force yourself away from what comes naturally. I have the opposite problem. My mother was a realist, a perfectionist oil painter, and, all my artlife I wanted her approval- and tried to squash the Brian Wildsmith and cartoonist in me- and I have still struggled to let them out!

    They are looking for creativity within consistency. So stay with what pleases you.

  2. You also might try having a couple different portfolios, each with a different style. Then decide which to show to a given client based on what you think that client would be interested in.

  3. I think what your portfolio has in it is what your clients will expect you to produce for them most of the time. So, you should probably make make your portfolio show, if not your favorite style, at least a style (or styles) that you can stand to work with a lot.


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