Lady Bug– Teaching Myself to Illustrate



Hey Bloggers,

Here I have finally arrived through the tech jungle to meet you all with some illustrations. I’m starting off with some sketch book work. Although I did some comics for my high school and college papers, I studied realism in my BA, and I’ve made abstract mixed media paintings for 12 years. I took a few years off to get my MFA in writing for children,so yes, I’ve forgotten how to draw with my imagination. Here is one of my first attempts. I’m following it up with another lady bug in a process more familiar to me and I’m working forward to a snail next– at a slow pace 🙂 My most difficult thing in illustrating: how to slow down to get action and story in the composition before I get to my favorite part– layers of colors. My website is Happy early spring in KC.


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  1. I identify with your ‘forget how to draw with imagination’ comment.Glad you said it. I relate! It can be so strange that learning how to create with freedom, how to let go and play can be so unlike the easy untutored delight we used to have! Daughter likes your pic.

  2. Thanks everyone, I really appreciated the comments. They helped me feel more confident about how to do the final draft. I’ll let you know how they turn out. What’s funny is that I’m trying a snail next and was wishing for a live model. Then one showed up in our garden. So I have my work cut out for me, and photographs to work from. Thanks for the comments.

  3. I liked seeing your sketches as well as the final version. I wish you’d kept the rain boots from the sketch. little red or yellow rain boots would have looked cuter than just boring old black feet. 🙂

    I like the effect of the watercolors, particularly in the puddles. One thing, though. There’s a blobby shape next to the ladybug in the puddles with a bit of red in it. What’s that supposed to be? A reflection, maybe? It’s in the wrong place for that. *shrug* Just seemed a little weird.

    Overall, I think it’s very cute and whimsical.

  4. I really enjoy the black part of the lady bugs stomach. I love the way you let the watercolors do what they may. It adds a lot of visual interest to the piece. I think the interesting way you handle the watercolor takes the piece to new level.

  5. Very cute! I like the lady bugs disappointed look at how the undersized umbrella is working out. I also like how you included your sketch. I actually think the spots on the umbrella in the large sketch would’ve looked neat in the final, but I understand that could go either way. Good work!


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