I heard this on NPR today.


I thought someone might be interested in this.

Children’s Literature Celebrated At The DNA LitFest


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  1. I’m going! Thanks for the reminder. Last year Gary Schmidt was here, and I was so sorry I missed it, he is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Patricia is a great speaker, she spoke at my graduation last summer for my MFA in writing for children and YA at Hamline. I think this is a great price, and I’ve found that children’s book writers are some of the best speakers– I always go away feeling right with my place in the world again. So I hope to see you there, otherwise I’ll send a report. I haven’t been out to reading reptile yet, but now that my kids are older we can do some day trips downtown. I really loved the Red Balloon bookstore in St. Paul, MN. What’s Reading Reptile like?

    • Hey, lookie there. I thought it was last weekend. Now I have to decide all over again if I want to go or not.

      The thing that concerns me is whether it’s going to be a presentation that’s just inspiring (valuable in it’s own right, to be sure) or if it’s actually going to discuss publishing answer questions, give advice, etc.(what I’d actually be interested in).

      I wish they listed the topics.

  2. Any of you out there going?
    I might have to miss this year, unfortunately… Paul Zelinsky will be there!
    Thanks for sharing Karen.

    • I don’t know if I’ll go or not. I really wish they listed what the topics are going to be. Doubtless they’ll be inspiring, but worth $40 or $75? I’m not sure. They have nice bios of all the people there, but without knowing what they’re going to talk about, I don’t know if it’s worth the money for me.

      It does say that the conference is aimed at teachers, parents, and authors and artists. That’s quite a range of audience members. The presentations may be more general and inspirational rather than practically useful.

      It looks like the illustrators are in the morning, so if I go I’ll probably do the half-day morning session. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to pay at the door or if you have to register beforehand. It’s probably too late to register by mail.

      Hmm… Maybe I’ll call and ask… *walks over to the phone*

      Okay. The kid day on Friday is sold out, but the conference on Saturday isn’t. You can buy tickets at the door and they aren’t sold out right now.

      Has anyone been to this before? Was it worth the time/money to attend? I mean, on more than just the level of, “Oh, boy, I get to meet somebody famous.”

    • I didn’t go. Too much to do this weekend. My laptop broke. Literally. The hinge sheered right off. So I had to research laptops, replace it, and configure the new one. And I had to do the taxes (the refund paid for the laptop) and the bills this weekend. On the plus side, my Photoshop CS5 works real nice on the i7 processor. 🙂

      So, no literature conference for me. I hope someone got to see it, though. They can share and let us know if it’s worth it for next year. 🙂


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