Playing Frisbee


Okay, I haven’t posted here lately.  And after promising I would.  Shame on me.

I had a good reason, though.  That reason was that I wasn’t working in children’s illustrations for a bit.  I was doing editorial cartoons, which I thought wouldn’t be appropriate here.

But today I finished a kiddie drawing, so I have something to share again.  Here you go.  Discuss!  🙂


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  1. I love the background! That, and the way the tree frames the scene and sets it- I forget to do foreground bits like that- are my favorite parts. And the dog. Is he leaping to catch the frisbee? If so, is that darker grass area his shadow? Just trying to visually place him on his proper plane– a wonder. But what I’d like better is if the perspective that you have used, making the boy’s throw arm rightly smaller than the other, were just tweaked. I feel like his thow arm wouldn’t be so small, and his left arm wouldn’t be so large. Just my feel. You have a confident strong style!


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