Special Critique-Paul Zelinsky



About katiewools

I'm Katie Roth Wools and I live to create. I have always felt that a day was incomplete unless I have created something. I am illustrator and marketing professional with a background that includes illustration, graphic design and sculpture as well as marketing and communications. I also have a passion for crafting of all sorts (did I mention that I am driven by creating things?) With a traditional fine arts education and experience in the marketing/communications field, I have been fortunate to continue my creative outlets while developing a firm understanding of timelines, budgets, branding and promotion. I have received awards for my graphic design work and fine art pieces. I am also a published children's book illustrator. I am currently Missouri Illustrator Coordinator for the Society of Children's book writers and Illustrators.

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  1. Okay, I’ve emailed you, Katie and I’ll send in my check.

    I want to know more information, though.

    How’s it going to work? Are we all to create new pieces just for the critique on a certain theme or story, or are we to pick our best existing piece and send that?


    • You will electronically send one piece of your choosing. Which ever piece you most want feed back on. It can be any type of illustration. But he does ask that if it is an excerpt from a book you give a much info about the rest of book is possible. Either some notes about the book or rough sketches of the rest of the pictures. Kate and I will send him all the participants images on the same day. He will critique them have them back to me with written notes. I will send them to you when I get them. It would be nice to write a little about your piece for him. That way he could know the purpose and background of the piece and possibly any thing you would like feedback specifically on.


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