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First Go at Sculpture


So nervous. Here’s my first attempt at combining sculpture with photography. Not sure where this style will lead, but it was a blast.

Bull rider

Bull Rider



I know a couple of you wanted to know what happened with my hidden picture of The Tortoise and The Hare. Well, I received a response back today. Unfortunately, it was a rejection, but it was a nice rejection. 🙂

Karen B. Jones

Not long ago I sent my The Tortoise and The Hare Hidden Picture image off to Highlights High Five.   I’m not that surprised to have received a rejection in the mail today.  It was an unsolicited submission, after all.

But the type of rejection I got was rather interesting, I thought.  It wasn’t a form letter.  In fact, it wasn’t a letter at all.  It was a hand-written note penned right on my submission letter by the art director herself.  Here’s what she said:

Hi Karen –

Thank you for taking the time to explore a MFHP piece and sending it in.  I can see you’re on your way to developing a clear, workable style.  However, I’m returning it because we don’t accept unsolicited MFHP’s for High Five.  We always assign them to accompany a specific verse.  You may want to try submitting your work to Highlights.  Check the…

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