I take no responsibility if you find this one appalling


Terrifying French picture books.


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  1. I like some of these ideas. I’ve read one about an old lady who loses her husband and rents a cat. Its amazing. I can’t figure out who wrote it, but it seemed French. I was nervous to let my daughter read “outside Overthere” by M. Sendak, but she loved it. I think its okay to be scared by a book if you are then braver in real life. Plus the comment on the website said that the reader couldn’t figure out the moral. Do books need one? And if a girl in a book ends up sad and alone at the end, that leaves room for the reader to imagine something better happening next. I love some of those french-styled movies as well, where things are not always happy, and nothing is ever tied up at the end. It feels more like real life. Somewhere near tragedy. And doesn’t leave me balling at the end, like reading Charles Dickens’ short stories when I was nine. Children are more adult than we think. And adults are more still like children than we think. Well I am.

  2. Yes, this is truly appalling. Appallingly AWESOME! While I wonder if these books are really for all kids, they sure are interesting for adults!


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