First Go at Sculpture


So nervous. Here’s my first attempt at combining sculpture with photography. Not sure where this style will lead, but it was a blast.

Bull rider

Bull Rider


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  1. Very good, I love when artists mix it up. I have done some puppetry characters in photographs in my book Arden’s Garden, inspired by the Lonley Doll Books by Dare Wright. Your BULL RIDER is great with wonderful depth of field and action and story with a fun modern cartoon fell as well as a nod to evoke a bit of T.H.Benton.

  2. Looks awesome, Kate! I seriously just want to reach in there and pet the bull’s snout, but those eyes tell me I may get gored. I can tell you’re going to have a blast with this style. The only critique-y thing I would mention is that I was a bit confused by where the front and back hooves overlap. That might just be me but I thought I should mention it. Anyways you got a really unique look going on here! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Wow-your bull is really neat! I wonder what it would look like with the other back leg kicking as well. It’s a very nice line from the bull to the rider–the motion is very clear. Your sculptures are so original–I look forward to seeing more:)


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