Technology is a cruel mistress


So tonight I blogged about my recent public humiliation. I was going to reblog that here. Ahhh, but technology once again has put me in my place. If you would like to read that post you can check it out at If you have any tips on how to reblog, please pass them along. If you have any valuable tech info, please let me know! I’m going to try to include my Illustration Friday drawing. Feel free to critique, if I actually upload the thing. Sleep well folks!


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  1. Your old man is very expressive, and I really like the way he is rocking back on his heels:) I feel you pain with the technical frustrations. What is overwhelming is that I seem to constantly be finding out all things I don’t know. Good luck getting things sorted out!

  2. When I scanned the image, it automatically saved it as a PDF. When I manually switched the settings on my scanner to scan and save as a jpg, it saved what looked like an empty page. Every other time I’ve used this scanner it has saved images as jpg by default so I haven’t had any problems. So possibly this is a scanner error (more likely it is still a user error). I didn’t even think about converting the PDF to jpg on the computer. Thanks for the suggestion!

    And Katie, I saw Karen’s illustration on the Illustration Friday website and loved it. Her name was familiar, but I’ve spent so much time recently looking up illustrators you mentioned back at the conference that I figured that was where I heard about her. I wrote the blog and posted it. When I went to reblog (fail) here I saw her name again and remembered why her name rang a bell. Sort of a publicly stupid night, huh?

    • First of all I promise you no one thinks you are being stupid. I have struggled with IF a few years ago. Posting online can be tricky especially if it is not something you do everyday. Second, Karen should be flattered you called her out. I would be. I am surprised she has not already posted on here. You are too hard on yourself! I wish I was better about being able to guess what the problem was. I am terrible with that. Maybe the suspense is just making the viewing your illustration something to look forward to even more!

      • I would like to echo everything Katie wrote. I had trouble myself this past time with the new website design. So I’m learning right along with you. The important thing is that you’re getting your work out there! šŸ™‚

        I’m afraid I don’t know what the issue would be in regard to the PDF. But from what I can tell, once you have an image on your blog post, IF automatically pulls it for your post if you put the link in there first. My mistake is that I decided to upload the image anyway–and that’s when it went all huge and wonky. Next time around, maybe use the default image instead of uploading an additional one?


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