I am a fine art painter (and yoga teacher) from Lawrence, KS. I am shifting my focus to include illustration of children’s books. Below is a recent 18×24 watercolor on paper. My style may change as I try to illustrate actions and emotions. This is all new to me πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking the time to look and thanks for having this blog!

Kimbo Jackson


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  1. Hi Kimbo! It’s great to see you on here after “meeting” you on the SCBWI website. I, too, love the colors in your composition, especially since you achieved them with watercolor. They’re eye-catching.

    I would like to echo Karen’s recommendation to participate in the Illustration Friday challenge. It’s a wonderful exercise–and lots of fun.

    • Priscilla! Nice to see you here too! Thank you for the advice. Illustration Friday is on my list and I have begun some alphabet examples that I may share soon. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  2. I love the dark and bright colors together–it makes for a very pleasing effect! I think paintings with your lush style would look great in a picture book.

  3. I like squirrels. I like space. I like this! The whimsy is reigned in by the beauty of the space. Every time I look at it I smile.

  4. It IS just art. I guess I should have been clear. I really just meant to introduce myself and show what I have worked on in the past and to explain why I joined the group. I will post more examples as I try to turn my fine art (above squirrel) into more illustrative pieces. Thanks!

  5. Hi Karen, I have toyed with story ideas for explorer squirrels, but this painting only illustrates my idea, not the story. This is the leap I need to make. I need to work on illustrating specific scenes. I either need to start writing (scary) or find stories to illustrate. Thanks for looking!

    • Hmmm… Well the picture is problematic as a space explorer squirrel because it’s gigantic (almost the size of the planet) and has no space suit. It could be some sort of squirrel-god, I suppose. Or a dream. That could explain it. But you’re kind of going about it backwards.

      If you’re trying to be a children’s book illustrator, you should probably have the story first and then make your picture match the story. Otherwise it’s not illustration. It’s just art. πŸ™‚

      If you like squirrels, try to find some fables or stories with squirrels in them. Like maybe The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter? Or, if you’re not quite ready to do a whole story, find some kids poems that have squirrels in them. Or do a page for an alphabet book for the letter S. Or a few pages of a counting book with a squirrel theme. Or, if you’re feeling nonfictional, maybe illustrate something in the life cycle of a squirrel to go with a nonfictional book or article about squirrels. Look through a Ranger Rick or something like that to see what sorts of illustrations stories like that use.

      • oh… and I’m not even replying in the right place. forgive me πŸ™‚ I ‘m still figuring this blog out…. I wanted to add that I do love Squirrel Nutkin and that is a fantastic idea- I love love LOVE the alphabet idea! Thanks again.

        • Another thing you might like to do is to participate in Illustration Friday, at least on weeks when you have time. This is a weekly illustration challenge that illustrators from all over participate in. Here’s the link: It gives you a modest amount of exposure and some good practice, I think. This week’s topic is “Lost”. Even if you don’t participate, looking at how other artists tackle the theme can give you some ideas and/or perspective on your own work. Participants are both amateur and professional, but the quality is almost all good. These are people who take their art seriously, it’s not overrun by a bunch of kids that signed up to show off their manga.

  6. I think the planets and things are beautiful. The squirrel makes it bizarre, of course. Is this a illustration? I’d be interested in knowing what it goes with. There must be quite a story behind this picture.


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