Are you all familiar with WriteOnCon?

If not, it’s a free online conference for writers of children’s literature. It will take place on Tuesday, August 14th and Wednesday, August 15th at www.writeoncon.com. And it is marvelous.

The crew has planned a number of events that would be of interest to picture book writers, including two live forum events. And of course there’s the very exciting Ninja Agent program.

Last year I posted my query in the picture book forum and it received lots of feedback—including a positive comment from a Ninja Agent. These responses confirmed that my query was ready and gave me the courage to submit again.

The forums are already open. To participate, you simply have to register and then log in. The Ninja Agents will begin perusing the entries tomorrow (Monday, August 13th).

I do hope you’ll attend and participate if you are able!


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  1. Thanks for the info, Priscilla! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do it this year, but will look out for it next year, because it sounds great.


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