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Favorite Children’s Picture Books


I’m sure we all ended up becoming illustrators of children’s books because we loved picture books as children. I can remember before I was old enough to read, “pretending” to read by memorizing the words that went with the wonderful pictures in my books. I would spend hours looking at the pictures and making up my own stories if I hadn’t memorized the stories in a new book. It was all about the wonderful details and the characters.

I think it would be fun to list our favorite picture books from the time in our lives before we could really read. Can you remember back that far? My favorites (these are all before 1950): The Tale of Peter Rabbit, This Little Piggy, The Little Red Hen, Three little Kittens, Poky Puppy and my all time favorite, Twas’ the Night Before Christmas. Almost all of my beloved books were Little Golden Books, Mom and Dad didn’t have a lot of money, but spending 25 cents for something that would keep me quiet for hours was worth it. Of course, a gallon of gas also costs 25 cents at that time.

Please share your list.


A Story Problem


I haven’t contributed in a while, so I thought I’d share this. This is what I drew today. What do you think?

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Join Missouri SCBWI (Illustrator Members) on Behance



The illustrators of the Missouri chapter of SCBWI have started a page to display and promote their illustrations to the world. Only a few members have sent in their information so far. This page will help all of the featured artists to expose their work to more buyers and lovers of children’s book illustration.


Visit to see our projects. Go down to the bottom of each illustrator’s project page to click the appreciation button. You can also leave comments.

If you would like to be included on the SCBWI-MO Behance page, you may send your information and images or links to I will set up your project page. Sorry, this Behance page is limited to SCBWI illustrator members living in Missouri only. If members in Kansas are interested I can help you start your own page.

Dayne Sislen