Just finished a fun poster


I am taking a Corel Painter 12 course right now. This is our second to last assignment. I have always used traditional media, but can not image doing a 22″ x 40″ poster in pastel. I think I will start doing my Children’s book illustrations in Painter from now on.

Everything was drawn by hand in Painter except the large headline which was created using my pencil drawing as a template in Adobe Illustrator. The Weird Uncle Logo is a font called Waltogram which was a serendipitous find.

The assignment was to do a vintage B-Movie poster. I wanted to do something very non-Disney and non-cute with Pinocchio. I have always thought Pinocchio was a little evil and dangerous anyway, so decided to do a take on King Kong. Let me know what you think. A larger version is on my blog.


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  1. How do you find Corel Painter in comparison to Adobe Photoshop? Better? Worse? If you already have Photoshop and have more-or-less mastered it, is it worth getting Painter? Are the brushes more realistically painterly?

    • I think being familiar Photoshop already makes it easier to learn Corel Painter, it uses a lot of similar commands, layers,etc. I had mostly used Photoshop for photo manipulation. I had only used it to paint illustrations in limited way, so I wasn’t that proficient making custom brushes. Painters brushes are easier to customize and there are a lot more to start with.

      I imagine, if you are used to using Photoshop to paint, there may not be much benefit in Painter. Some of Painters brushes are very nice though and I think they look less digital.

      Corel Painter is a little buggy in some aspects, I think Adobe makes a better product on the whole.

      • Have you tried AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro? That one has some nice brushes and occasionally I’ll work there instead of Photoshop if I’m going for a particular effect that Sketchbook does. One thing Photoshop doesn’t do is to make the brush orientation turn with your brush’s direction of travel as it moves across the page. I don’t use Sketchbook often because CS5 has pretty good brushes, but I do use it occasionally. I like it’s copic markers particularly. And the pro version uses layers and is less than $50. Autodesk is the brand that made CAD, which I wouldn’t know except that my husband’s an engineer and noticed it.

        • Hi Karen,
          I haven’t tired Sketchbook Pro, but my instructor has, he said that’s how he got started using the Wacom pad. $50 sounds like a good deal. There is so much available, it will take a life-time to learn and use it all.


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