Sharing Two Pieces


I wanted to share my work since I haven’t in a while.  So, here’s something I finished recently.  Let me know what you think, please.


And, while I’m at it, here’s something cute.

Hugging Bears


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  1. I love that your Pinata piece has action and is very colorful. I like that the main character and the action is very prominent and the other kids and the mother fill in the story without taking away from the main focus.Thanks telling us about the page break. That is the kind of detail only other illustrators care about, but they are so important to us. Is this illustration for a story or book?

    The hugging bears are so precious, the perfect card.

    • Unfortunately, the piece was just a product of my muse for no readily apparent reason. I was just kinda brainstorming things to draw based on the Illustration Friday prompt of “Edge”. My brain kinda followed an odd path of ideas that landed on “Hey, I’d like to draw a picture of a kid whacking a pinata!” I can’t even remember the exact logical path that got me from “edge” to “pinata” but there was one somewhere. So, this is a portfolio piece. I’m thinking of sending it to Arthur Levine as a sample because he said my work might be good for easy chapter books. But I want to let it rest for a week or two and come back once the “I just created this and it’s AWESOME!” buzz has faded and I can see it more objectively.

    • The hugging bears is part of my continuing effort to figure out the trick to designing greeting cards. I mean, I can draw. I should be able to draw greeting cards. They’re easy, right? But my first efforts came out weird and not really greeting card appropriate. I think I’m getting better though. I’ve actually sold some on Zazzle. Once I get some decent ones, I’ll try sending them to actual greeting card companies and see what happens. The next card I want to try is probably going to be an Irish setter on the cover saying “kiss me I’m Irish” and inside a two panel doggy slurpy kiss.

      On that subject, I’m reading an interesting book titled “House of Cards” which is about this guy who gets a job writing cards for Hallmark. It’s interesting to read a book about a creative-type in Kansas City. The landmarks are all familiar and everything. Makes me want to work for Hallmark a little.

      Today I wrote a poem to my husband on the occasion of his birthday:

      I confess that your gift might not come today,
      But my email box tells me it’s on it’s way,
      So, in case it is late, I’d just like to say,
      I DID remember that today is your day!

      Happy Birthday!

      Now I’m thinking about how to illustrate that and make it into a card.


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