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Tutorial: Better Way to Remove White (Without A Filter!)


Remember how I told you all to use that Kill White filter to remove the white from around lines in a line drawing.  Forget that.  Silly me.  Do this instead:  

Tutorial: Better Way to Remove White (Without A Filter!).

via Tutorial: Better Way to Remove White (Without A Filter!).


A little color on the PIG book cover.


Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 4.41.26 PMI just posted an update on my blog. I am showing the pencil rough of the Pig book cover and the now almost finished color. I still have to fix a few things and put in the heading. I have three spreads completed and five more in the line art stage. I have rough pencils on everything, so it should not be too bad to finish.

A 32 page picture book is a lot of work as many of you already know. I’m finding as I go, my colors are changing slightly, now I must go back and adjust the earlier illustrations so they a little more saturated. I am trying very hard not to fall into the all bright and screaming, primary and secondary color trap I see so much in children’s books.

I’m Illustrating a picture book about pigs.


Go to my blog to read more about the book I’m illustrating  and my process. Here is an early rough pencil for the cover. I will post finished pages as I go along. I’m doing this for the self published author Leila Leidtke. This is her second book, but it’s the first of her books I am illustrating.