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I’m finally finishing up the PIG picture book


I’ve been working on the book “Don’t be a pig in a Panic!” written by Leila Leidtke for over 7 months. It’s been fun, but I’m glad it’s almost finished. I now need to carefully look over each page to make sure all the colors match and the pig’s features are the same on all spreads. I also will be designing the book, so the next stage is putting in all the text and setting up the pages and cover in Adobe InDesign.

Read more and see more spreads on my blog.

Don't be a Pig in a Panic


Karate Contractions


Karate Contractions.

via Karate Contractions.

This links to a post on my blog that has three illustrations that I just finished for Hart McLeod. I thought you all might find it interesting. They’re spot illustrations for a textbook. If you want to see more, the three posts previous to this one in my blog are also for the same project.