Monthly Archives: November 2013

My first step to illustrate a children’s book


The character studies are my favorite part of illustrating a children’s book. I feel it is also the most important part. If you can’t get the character right and don’t feel comfortable drawing them the rest of the book just won’t work. I am working with a self publishing author, so the author is giving me a lot of direction. These are characters she has had in her head for years. It’s very exciting for her to finally see this little ’round’ African American  girl come to life visually. Visit my blog to read more and see some of the rough character sketches so far.


Starting ballerina book illustrations


This week I started the chubby ballerina book I mentioned before. It is good to start fresh, with a new story and a new author. The pigs were fun, but I’m so over pigs now. This is a very cute story about a very sweet little girl who just happens to be ’round.’ I’m fresh from my SCBWI MO Fall conference critique with Dan Santat, so I’m full of ideas. I always want to improve with each new book I start.

I’m hoping this book doesn’t take as much time as the last book. This time, I must be more in control of the time schedule. When a self-publishing author takes weeks to get back to you with each decision, an illustration job can stretch into too many months. I can’t afford to do that again.


See my blog for more details about the cute story: