Facial Proportions


I posted a short facial proportions tutorial to my blog.  In case anyone\’s interested:  Facial Proportions.

via Facial Proportions.


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  1. Very interesting Karen, and great that you used actual photos! I used to have those tutorial books from the seventies “How to Draw Heads” or “how to Draw Horses”…. I would get a new one for Christmas every year. 🙂

    *Laura Huliska Beith* *Adjunct Instructor/ Kansas City Art Institute* *www.laurahuliskabeith.com *

    On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 8:21 AM, Illustrators for Kids wrote:

    > Karen B. Jones posted: “I posted a short facial proportions tutorial > to my blog. In case anyone\’s interested: Facial Proportions.via Facial > Proportions.”

    • I’m glad you liked it. I thought the photos were a good visual aid too. After all, if you’re trying to figure out realism, what’s more real than an actual photograph to trace and play with?

      I got those how to draw books as a kid too. But only as an adult did I ever use them for their concepts rather than as rigid formulas to use to copy the book’s pictures exactly. Copying vs. Reference. Now if I get one of those books, I actually understand what they mean by drawing the simple shapes to build the form. But they’re not perfect. I actually have a drawing faces book that instructs me to use the half-half-half layout. It’s a cartooning book, but doesn’t warn the reader that these are cartoon proportions and won’t work if you’re going for realism An unfortunate omission, I think. 🙂

      I know tracing a photograph is considered somewhat cheating, but I think doing it a few times with different subjects would be a good exercise for a beginning drawing student. It would be an opportunity to explore the real proportions of the face and how everything really lines up and compare that to the general guides. It might be educational, even if it is a bit mechanical.


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