Monthly Archives: July 2014

I believe in putting yourself out there every day


I decided to write and illustrate a book for myself, even though I am busy with illustration work I am doing for other authors. I’ve been working on this book for a long time. I made the decision to sign-up for a professional critique from Jodell Sadler in conjunction with the 2014 Fall Conference for the Missouri SCBWI. I am also doing a portfolio critique with Giuseppe Castellano, illustrator and art director at Penguin Books. Both these critiques make me push myself and get things done. I love pressure.


Here is the cover of my picture book about a self-centered, obsessive-compulsive cat written in the first person. The cat gives her story and the illustrations tell a far different reality. I have been writing this book for quite a while, I put together a rough dummy to go with in the story in the last two months in between other jobs. Actually the illustrations came first, but they were all in my mind. When my critique group couldn’t figure out why the cat way saying one thing and I was talking about something altogether different, I had to do the rough illustrations and make a dummy.