Illustrations for 435 Magazine


I have 5 illustrations in this month’s issue of 435 Magazine, which is a local lifestyle magazine sold in the KC metro area. It isn’t a children’s magazine, but it has a connection to SCBWI because the art director found my name on the SCBWI site among the illustrator portfolios. She followed the link to my site, liked what she saw, and contacted me through my contact form.

Here are the illustrations she commissioned.

This went along with an essay titled “What’s Good About Goodbye” and was supposed to be drawn in sort of a Fancy Nancy style.
More Info

Home Owner’s Association
More Info
435 Magazine - HOA Article

KC Mayor Sly James
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Mayor Sly James

The Plaza Art Fair
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Plaza Art v2 500

The Nation’s Happiest City
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Happy City 500

She bought first time rights to use the images in the print version of the magazine and the associated article on the website. I retain copyrights.  So, these will probably go up on iStock sometime soon.

Verrückt at Schlitterbahn
She also commissioned this one, which didn’t end up running because they didn’t run the section it goes with.  Good thing, too, because the final version of the Schlitterbahn Verrückt raft holds 3 people, not 4. But 4 is what all the promotional materials showed, so that’s what I used as a reference. I didn’t know it was inaccurate until after I turned it in.

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Water Slide 500



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    • Well, I’d like to take credit, but this one was mostly dumb luck. I have an illustrator portfolio on the SCBWI website that links to my website. The editor’s sister had joined SCBWI (I think recently) so she was browsing around the site looking to see what her sister had signed up for. While looking around, she found me under illustrators in Kansas, looked at my website, and contacted me. I didn’t really do anything.

      Since this set, I also had an illustration in September’s issue, one in this month’s, and one that will be in December.

  1. Wow. Great work. You are proof that hard work pays off. I can’t wait to get my stuff in gear to have a portfolio ready. I’m finally making progress. These illustrations are very nice and have a nice attitude about them.


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