Thumb Nail Sketches


Humpty thumbnails  Hey KC illustrators, I’m working on a fractured fairy tale and I’d like to finally start making some work for my first portfolio. I’ve had this text critiqued and I’m working on revision.  As for the sketches, I’ve selected my favorites. Would you be willing to share some next steps ideas for me?  Are there some ideal sizes to work in? I’m planning to draw and paint two of these pages and or spreads.  Then load them into photoshop or illustrator for final tweaking.  Are there other suggestions you have about this process from thumbnail to portfolio image?

Thanks everyone.


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  1. I love the way your thumbnails extend outside the storyboard lines. I think it shows action and your enthusiasm for the story. I guess I could could also say… it shows your “thinking outside the box.” 😉

  2. So what if I create the original in 20 x 16 let’s say. Then I can reduce the size in photoshop to 8 x 10 and you are saying that is the preferred size for publishers– if I include the 1/2 inch margin above that size. So if I did a full page spread that would be 18 x 11?

  3. Howdy Dayne! Yep this is a Missouri site, so ou’re in! Hey Polly, I second Dayne’s observations. besides, why not do your portfolio pieces as if they were going to be printed. Who knows? You might be the chosen.

  4. I’m from Missouri, am I allowed to leave a comment? Dan Yaccarino, in his talk at the SCBWI Mo Fall Conference last weekend mentioned that dummies should be 8 x 10″ or 10 x 8.” Make sure you leave 1/2 ” bleed on finished art. Your book looks interesting, I can’t wait to see it develop.


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