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Illustrators for Kids has expanded?


Hello, looks like we’ve expanded since I last checked in a few years back. Welcome everyone. Sorry to keep missing that this isn’t local.  Welcome to everyone. 

“Illustrators for Kids is a for artists and SCBWI members of the Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma chapters for sharing and critiquing new work.” Great news!


Working on the Portfolio- SCBWI this weekend!


Humpty2x3 copy

Hi everyone, in KC and KS and MO, sorry to mistype that last time.  I’ve been able to get my sketches into something that resembles an 8 x 10. The boarders and edging are really tricky though because I need a lot of space to “break open the box.” But I think it’s working, and I’m keeping the proportions close enough to work with in photoshop.  I have two questions: 1. What is your best method for scanning, or capturing images to work with digitally? If you do any media outside of the computer, how to you get a great picture to work with digitally? 2. How many images do you suggest for a Portfolio?  Should they be diverse, or show I have a certain style? Here is what I have so far:


Also I’m learning how to Twitter. Feel free to join in @polly_mccann     Thanks! anyone going to SCBWI this Saturday in Overland Park, KS? I am, I’ll see you there.  Didn’t see anything much for illustrators. Did I miss something?

Just signed up for PiBoIdMo



November is Picture Book Month. PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) is a brilliant idea to celebrate the month by coming up with a new picture book idea every day in November. Visit Tara Lazar’s blog to sign up. You might surprise yourself with all your creative ideas. Then you have a whole year to work on the stories.