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I am an author/illustrator from the sticks with a pack of kids, a supportive husband, and a tendency to stay up way too late.

Christmas in September


Critique away folks! Feel free to comment on anything, even things that seem like a basic lack of technique. I have no training, so any comments about technique will help greatly. Please disregard the sloppy edges. I wanted to preserve the painting asap, because my 2 year old has learned to doodle…all over my original paintings and book dummy.

Thanks in advance. Also, feel free to check out my original blog post. 




Technology is a cruel mistress


So tonight I blogged about my recent public humiliation. I was going to reblog that here. Ahhh, but technology once again has put me in my place. If you would like to read that post you can check it out at If you have any tips on how to reblog, please pass them along. If you have any valuable tech info, please let me know! I’m going to try to include my Illustration Friday drawing. Feel free to critique, if I actually upload the thing. Sleep well folks!