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Two Versions of a Picture Book Spread


Here are two versions of the same spread in a picture book I recently completed. The first is basically a tinted drawing. The second, a colorful watercolor. Here, briefly, is the backstory…

I imagined detailed densely drawn graphite illustrations for this project for months as I developed the dummy book. After finishing the first tinted drawing, I decided that because this was quite different from my previous works, It would be a good idea to send it to the editor to get her approval. She showed it around the office and the consensus was that it wasn’t colorful enough for the audience (primarily quite young children). So it was back to the drawing board, for me. The second version is quite different and more akin to my usual stuff. I agree that the colorful version is appropriate for this project, but I’m drawn to the first version, and will find a way to use this style in the future.

Version 2

Version 1