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The Robbery of the Katy Flyer


Here’s an illustration I made for this years Katy Days, a railroad heritage festival that takes place in Parsons, Kansas (a town founded by the MKT – or Katy – railroad) every Memorial weekend. I’ve participated the last few years as a demonstration painter, and I always like to come with a few new train themed pieces.  Most of the time I gear the paintings towards kids but the old railroaders seem to dig them too. Anyways this year I decided a train robbery scene might make for something interesting to look at.  Let me know your thoughts!  

As an aside, I’ve discovered that old railroaders are sticklers for detail.  They can pick out a multitude of anachronisms!  I love it.  I’ve had to tighten up my game!



Here’s some close ups:




Cover and a few illustrations from the dummy I’m including for NYC


Hey all,

So the last two weeks have been insane as I’ve been prepping for the Winter Conference.  I’ve put together a board book dummy that i just wrapped up other than a few copy changes.  I took some risks such as including the helmet on the kid even though the helmet has nothing to do with the story.  (although that is addressed in the dedication).  I’ll own those risks and hope for the best.  Anyways I just wanted to share some of the illustrations!






Okay, here’s the right panel from the same set.   It has the same issues (no people, a lot going on), but I think it helps complete the feel of the left panel.

Also below are a couple examples of vehicles with people in them as a response to a challenge from Kate, who knows me well enough to know that a lot of my past vehicles haven’t shown the driver/pilot. Those planes are from a massive piece that included 8 different aircraft, and I thought it was a good opportunity to try some with pilots and some without to see how they compare.   I think they help!

Apologies for posting so many pics.  I’ve got to lay off and get back to work on my portfolio!

Right Panel

This is the right panel done for twins' bedroom

Left panel from a painting for a pair of twins’ bedroom.


Okay, hopefully I’m doing this correctly.  This is the left panel of a two panel set done for twin boys bedroom set.  I wanted to keep it loose, so I moved quick and finished the bulk of it in one night.  It’s done in acrylic on paneling.

Left Panel

This is the left of two panels done for the bedroom of twin boys.