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Promotional Postcard


Hello, all,

First off–thanks so much for being willing to be a part of an online community like this!  I am excited to share and learn with you all.  The awesome Shel Silverstein poem on the “About Us” page has given me the courage to post  🙂

I would love some feedback on any/all aspects of this project.  I am designing an over-sized postcard for a first ‘promotional’ mailing to send to publishing houses and magazines that seem interested in work like mine.  From my research, it seems like if I want to be a freelance illustrator and I’m not promoting any particular project, sending out work samples is the way to get my name and art out there.  I have noticed that there is some conflicting information as to the format to send those samples:  some artists make ‘tearsheets’, others send out letters and examples of work attached to the letter, some do postcards,  etc.

So–would you even do a postcard?  And, if so, how does mine seem to work?  Does it meet my goal of getting my name out there and inviting potential clients to my site?  How about the visual composition/aspects of it?  Oh, the space I’ve left on the backside is for writing a little personal note to the art director.

Thanks so much!!