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Blogs – Advice

How to Be a Children’s Book Illustrator

Mark Mitchell’s blog on children’s book illustration and illustrators.

The Purple Crayon

I am a children’s book editor, and I created this site so I could post articles and other materials about how to publish a children’s book. Over the years, the site has grown and now includes articles contributed by other people, covering writing, illustrating, marketing, and editing.

Blogs – Art & Craft

50 Watts

Rare illustrations.

Book By Its Cover

Just go.

KidLit is an ongoing project for the passionate community of people who read and write children’s literature. My name is Mary Kole. I live in Brooklyn, am an associate agent at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and write young adult and middle grade of my own. My favorite things about kidlit change almost every day.

PB Junkies

Welcome to the Picture Book Junkie Blog. We are a collective group of professional illustrators absolutely addicted to children’s publishing. Here we share our love of children’s books, licensing and the market in general with other PB Junkies.

Read Roger

The Horn Book editor’s rants and raves.

The Tools Artists Use

Welcome to The Tools Artists Use. What do your favorite artists keep in their arsenal? Let’s find out.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Our vision for this blog, founded in August 2006, was pretty simple: We planned to talk about the books we read. And we did. We read lots of different kinds of books: picture books for toddlers, memoirs, young adult fiction, graphic novels, Man Booker Prize-winning high-art metafiction, whatever. And we wrote about them, whenever we could, in the hopes that we could a) let you, the reader, know about a book that you might like to read, too, and b) inspire discussion about said books.



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