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Mired in a dilemma of other’s indecision.

Picture book illustration page breakdown

Picture book iPad app, rough page breakdown

I’m having problems working with authors of self-published picture books taking too long to approve each stage of the illustration process. A book I estimate to take 3 months of work, ends up taking 8 months ┬ábecause of the lag time between approvals on each illustration. My actual work time is the same, but I make very little money because I am tied up for so long waiting on one book. Maybe that’s why so many illustrators won’t work for self-publishing authors.

I’ve tried working on two or more picture books at once, but I tend to get confused with the 16 plus illustrations for each book and forget which author told me what. I wish I could find someone who really wants to move quickly and can make up their mind.

When I get a few more picture books under my belt, I will start to contact publishers directly. I really like meeting and working with the children’s book authors directly, it just seems like as a group, they have a problem making swift decisions at each step.

Please comment, all suggestions are welcome.