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Illustration Friday – Egg


I thought I’d share this silly goose.  My Illustration Friday entry this week.

egg 500




Some time ago, I promised Karen that I would post more on this blog. So here is a picture that I recently completed for Illustration Friday. The word of that week was “Heights.”

I’ve been wondering whether expressions on the animals would help or hinder this illustration. Also, for those of you who collage: How do you scan or capture your thicker images without losing clarity in the lower layers?

I hope that you all are well and enjoying this lovely weather.

Recent Stuff


Wow, I feel like I’m the only one posting in here.  Come on, aren’t the rest of you doing stuff?  Come on in and share.  I know I love to see all your work.  You’re all so talented.  Plus, if nobody posts, this site’s going to die off and be forgotten.  Which would be so sad.


Here’s my Illustration Friday entry for intention:

And here are two related images, both titled Jump IN!:

And, since it’s so spring-like lately, here’s a Flower Painting: