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Outlining watercolors


Hi all!  Lately I have been outlining my watercolor illustrations with an India ink pen, and I like the results well enough, but for this one I wanted to use a pencil of some sort, because I want something softer.  I used a charcoal pencil for this one, but wondered what kind of pencils other people like to use for outlining watercolor.

(This is from a picture book I’m working on.  Accompanying text is “Yellowphant loved Tuesdays.  But he liked other days too.  One Not-Tuesday, Yellophant got to ride to the store with Lucy and her parents.”)

I appreciate feedback on any element:)Image




Hello all,

I met some of you last year at illustration boot camp in KC, but this is my first time posting on this board.  I have been concentrating on putting a portfolio together, and one thing I really struggle with is backgrounds.  I tend to find that when I put a background in, the spontaneity goes out the window.  So my idea was to do something very light and suggestive in the background, rather than too structured.

I’d appreciate your thoughts on this, or any other element that occurs to you.

Thank you!Image